Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 Product Key For 1 PC, Lifetime Activation

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**All Languages And Countries are supported 


This product is guaranteed for life. The product key will never expire and will last for as long as the installation exists. You will be offered a full replacement in the unlikely event that it stopped working.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10 or later
Processor: 1.6 gigahertz (GHz) or faster
Disk Space: 4 GB available hard disk space


1. After purchase and once payment has cleared, you will receive the product key.

2. Go to to download link  install it the you can use your key easily.

3. For problems during installation, do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will surely resolve any issues related to the software installation, product key validation and product key activation.


Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 Product Activation Key

Microsoft office professional plus 2021 product key is a lifetime, one-time purchase,This will activate Office 2021 for lifetime use on a Windows 10 or later PCs. This is the highest tier retail product activation and will bind with your Microsoft account for unlimited number of reinstallations even on a different device as long only 1 active installation exists.

This product is not compatible with Mac, since this is the highest tier Office suite, it includes all traditional Office apps such as Publisher and Access which were made exclusively for Windows based PCs.

The new Office 2021 makes collaboration and teamwork easier. Get access to your favorite Office applications along with new features including co-authoring, shared notebooks, and simplified sharing.

Office Professional Plus 2021 Product Activation Key includes the traditional offline versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access and Teams.

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176 Reviews For This Product

  1. 176

    by GB (verified owner)

    Got an email a soon as I purchased it with the download link and activation key.

  2. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)


  3. 176

    by Christian (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly! Thank you very much!

  4. 176

    by Christian (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly! Thank you very much!

  5. 176

    by Ara (verified owner)

    as quick as they say! so easy and worked first time

  6. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)


  7. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    Thank you

  8. 176

    by Gustavo C. (verified owner)

    Great service and product!

  9. 176

    by Fausto B. (verified owner)

    fast and easy setup!

  10. 176

    by Wolfram Fischer (verified owner)

  11. 176

    by David C. (verified owner)


  12. 176

    by Yo Y. (verified owner)

    It works like a champ..!

  13. 176

    by David K. (verified owner)

    Great, prompt response, delivery, customer service and products!

  14. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great service got a email with the link to download and key within 10 mins

  15. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

  16. 176

    by S (verified owner)

    Super fast service

  17. 176

    by Uziel Kitai (verified owner)

    Secured buy, quick and simple installation.

  18. 176

    by Eli R. (verified owner)

  19. 176

    by Ju Ng (verified owner)


  20. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

  21. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works perfectly.

  22. 176

    by Alexandre B. (verified owner)

  23. 176

    by Harrison (verified owner)

    Activation key was delivered promptly by email, I used the provided download link and then installed it. Everything went well and MS Office 2021 activated without issue, I’m very happy with my purchase.

  24. 176

    by Dominique (verified owner)

    The email came immediately and the download was simple and once I put in the product key it was activated. I am very happy!!

  25. 176

    by Nadeem S. (verified owner)

    I am happy with the product and sure buy some more item in future

  26. 176

    by Ben (verified owner)

    Key came via e-mail in seconds. Worked perfectly. Would use again.

  27. 176

    by Dave B. (verified owner)

    Fast response and product worked! What more could you ask for?

  28. 176

    by Vadym (verified owner)


  29. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

  30. 176

    by anja leban (verified owner)

    Working normal

  31. 176

    by jeeffreyh p. (verified owner)

    fast service , very fast atention, excellent item

  32. 176

    by Ricardo (verified owner)

    It was fast and easy.

  33. 176

    by Rafael (verified owner)

    instantaneous delivery, zero hassle.

  34. 176

    by Joshua Koblitz (verified owner)

  35. 176

    by Jonathan (verified owner)

    Instant product delivery! Bought this several times and always activated perfectly. Thank you!

  36. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    The transaction was easy as could be, and I received the key and installation link promptly. Every step of the process was easy to complete and I received exactly what I ordered. Would absolutely buy again.

  37. 176

    by Eui Soo Kim (verified owner)

    That Activation Key I had received was not valid. MS said the Key was already installed in other computer while I tried for the first time. I reported this Buydigital and asked new Key but there was no response.

  38. 176

    by BARACHEL ARREY (verified owner)

    I ordered 3 in error. Needed only one. Have used the first key. Don’t need the other two.

  39. 176

    by Roy Augustine (verified owner)

    So easy transaction and received the product without any delay.

  40. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

  41. 176

    by Gary S. (verified owner)

    Seamless, everything worked perfectly

  42. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great customer service

  43. 176

    by Gregory Grindle (verified owner)

    Microsoft 2021 Lifetime Subscription, worked absolutely perfectly, I will be buying more in the future!!
    Thank you

  44. 176

    by Rex V. (verified owner)

    Delivered and activated successfully as promised!

  45. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    Received my code immediately after payment. Installed and activated with no issues. Highly recommend

  46. 176

    by Simon Novljan (verified owner)


  47. 176

    by Jean (verified owner)

    All works good, Very satisfied, Thank you

  48. 176

    by Francisco T. (verified owner)

    Instant delivery, works perfect. Added Spanish package from Microsoft and no problem

  49. 176

    by Namin Kang (verified owner)

  50. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    Software works great within a few minutes i got the link to download software and the license key was emailed to me

  51. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great seller

  52. 176

    by jeff (verified owner)

  53. 176

    by Rafael Sober (verified owner)

    Everything works, you are OK.

  54. 176

    by Yechiel Asraff (verified owner)

    works great!

  55. 176

    by Jeff Gale (verified owner)

    Took awhile to get product key, but looked after in the long run, Happy with this firm.

  56. 176

    by Kil jungeun (verified owner)

    So many thank you for your kind support !!!

  57. 176

    by juan penas (verified owner)

    Excelente no problem

  58. 176

    by William K. (verified owner)

    Microsoft deactivated my 2013 Office. Instead of being forced to sign up for recurring subscriptions of 365, the key activation worked great.

  59. 176

    by Mohammed Haq (verified owner)

    Product was deployed and received very quickly with everything working as should be. No installation or licence issues. Will use seller again in the future. Thank you.

  60. 176

    by James (verified owner)

    Incredibly easy and fast!

  61. 176

    by Byron (verified owner)

    Very quick to receive a valid license key. Everything worked as advertised!

  62. 176

    by Vinh Lo (verified owner)

  63. 176

    by Gary L. (verified owner)

    Excellent, no problem !

  64. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy buying process and key worked.

  65. 176

    by B R. (verified owner)

    Quick, easy service.

  66. 176

    by Ben Fink (verified owner)

  67. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    All good, instant delivery

  68. 176

    by Tom Vassos (verified owner)

    Wow. Perfect buying process. No glitches. Very happy.

  69. 176

    by jeeffreyh hernando diaz (verified owner)

    Feliz 😄 funciona perfecto 👌 recomiendo los productos de esta web.

  70. 176

    by António V. (verified owner)

    Very good service.

  71. 176

    by MICHAEL (verified owner)

    Was a little skeptical but after seeing all of the reviews I went with it and am very pleased with the product and the price. It was sent immediately and activation was a breeze.

  72. 176

    by Patrick Dowd (verified owner)

    Very easy to down load and works perfect

  73. 176

    by Tomas (verified owner)

    Very fast, very good . Thanks for the key.

  74. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good product
    Excellent and fast service.

  75. 176

    by Roman R. (verified owner)

  76. 176

    by Jimmy E. (verified owner)

    Sent an email because I had a problem installing the software. They responded very quickly. Software installed and functions as expected.

  77. 176

    by Steve (verified owner)

    I purchased a MS Office Pro Plus 2021 Activation Key. After payment I received the product key and download link immediately. I downloaded, installed and I activated Office by just opening the Word App and using the key I received. Very simple and straight forward, I will use their service in the future. Thanks!!

  78. 176

    by Bill M. (verified owner)

    Loaded and runs perfectly.

  79. 176

    by Bob (verified owner)

    Received download immediately. Very easy and quick to install. Great experience and price. Thanks!

  80. 176

    by michael (verified owner)

    Quick and easy process, highly recommend!!

  81. 176

    by Esmaiel S. (verified owner)

    Ich bin voll zufrieden. Alles ging sehr schnell und professionell ohne ein einziges Problem. Ich werde wieder bei euch kaufen. Vielen Dank

  82. 176

    by Aldo Maresca Gamboa (verified owner)

    Fast cheap

  83. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    Simple, fast, and accurate! Everything I was looking for at a great price!

  84. 176

    by Ged (verified owner)

    Fast and easy transaction. Will use again.

  85. 176

    by Steven (verified owner)

    I Bought two Keys , Both Works Like Charm , Great Seller, Super fast shipping ( instantly ) A++

  86. 176

    by Mark C. (verified owner)

    I purchased Office 2021 download full version from I was skeptical at first but I received the download link almost instantly. It downloaded perfectly with no issues. I will certainly purchase from them again.

  87. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

  88. 176

    by Nayana Jayasundara (verified owner)

    Very good product…fast shipping recommended…

  89. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

  90. 176

    by Toan

    Great buy. Highly recomended. Serial code sent immediately after payment.

  91. 176

    by Mal F. (verified owner)

    Excellent service. key arrived in about two minutes and worked just fine.

  92. 176

    by Bill M. (verified owner)

    Fast service every time. Perfect products

  93. 176

    by Heriberto (verified owner)

  94. 176

    by Julián B. (verified owner)

  95. 176

    by roussel laurent (verified owner)

  96. 176

    by Khalid Abdussalam (verified owner)

    Worked like a charm! Thank you.

  97. 176

    by Danijel Hanzek (verified owner)

  98. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

  99. 176

    by Steven (verified owner)

    My second purchase, both worked great. Thanks

  100. 176

    by Clayton L. (verified owner)

    I have purchased many product key code over the years and was disappointed with the results, BUT has always hit the mark when it comes to ease of use with their product key code because they work the first time every time and no hassle you download the product you want and enter the key code and it is that simple. (AND THAT IS EXPERIENCE TALKING AND I RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE WANTING A REASONABLY PRICED PRODUCT KEY CODE.

  101. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

  102. 176

    by eli ran (verified owner)

  103. 176

    by Alex Kris (verified owner)

  104. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good Thank you sir!

  105. 176

    by James Millner (verified owner)

    Great Deal.. No joke

  106. 176

    by Adiso Getanch (verified owner)

  107. 176

    by David Fox (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and product was as advertised. Fantastic value!

  108. 176

    by Azar (verified owner)

    just bought as of 9/9/2022. very easy process and worked in seconds. recommended

  109. 176

    by Heriberto S. (verified owner)


  110. 176

    by Owen S. (verified owner)

    Fast and Easy

  111. 176

    by peter Docherty (verified owner)

    first key did not work but replaced straight away with a working key

  112. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    Serial didn’t work

  113. 176

    by Pere Stanislas (verified owner)

    OK. All right. The license works the first time.

  114. 176

    by Edivaldo Ozuna (verified owner)

  115. 176

    by Oscar Angulo (verified owner)

    Works fine. Thanks

  116. 176

    by JAMES (verified owner)

    Very simple to install and works great

  117. 176

    by Adrian (verified owner)

    Worked so far. Hopefully it will last as promised.

  118. 176

    by Qua Tran (verified owner)

    Easy to install. Perfect.AAAAA

  119. 176

    by Luis B. (verified owner)


  120. 176

    by Jose H. (verified owner)

    No issues, worked great.

  121. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great value i need office for my sister & this works

  122. 176

    by Deon P. (verified owner)

    Very simple to do..

  123. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

  124. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    Would do it again, but it’s a lifetime key! 😉

  125. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    Thank you for the quick response.

  126. 176

    by Rosario D. (verified owner)

    The price is very good and the mail with the code arrived in few minutes, with the link to software newest version.
    very well.

  127. 176

    by alexis sosa (verified owner)

    i bougth two of this, one works perfect the other one i tried to activate by phone because the automatic method does now work to the end said cant be activate but support answered me too fast and they fix the problem.

  128. 176

    by alexis sosa (verified owner)

    works perfect thank you so much

  129. 176

    by Edward Jack Owens III (verified owner)

  130. 176

    by Vladimir Koudela (verified owner)

    It was not activated immediately. It said: the key reach maximum activation, but I solved the problem using getcid.

  131. 176

    by JC (verified owner)

    Product as promised for excellent price

  132. 176

    by Tony C. (verified owner)

    Couldn’t have been easier of quicker. Very pleased

  133. 176

    by Henry (verified owner)

    Worked as advertised!!!!

  134. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect, transaction went smoothly.

  135. 176

    by Darin (verified owner)

    Took me awhile to get it up and running, but it works fantastic!!!!

  136. 176

    by Antonio Bernabe (verified owner)

    Todo perfecto y muy rápido. Muchas gracias

  137. 176

    by Frank (verified owner)

    I am still waiting for product activation key !

  138. 176

    by Carlos Guevara (verified owner)

    The product is the best for the price,very easy to download and to activate.

  139. 176

    by Greg (verified owner)

    Great! Easy and immediate – well done!

  140. 176

    by Bill M. (verified owner)

    Quickly delivered.

    Perfect download & authentication.

    Couldn’t be better.

  141. 176

    by Jezerel T. (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery. License activated upon installation. I hope no problem will occur. Plus its lifetime. Thank you!

  142. 176

    by Amir P. (verified owner)

    It just worked.

  143. 176

    by Steve H. (verified owner)

    works perfectly and such a reasonable cost compared to Office 365. Arrived within 15 minutes via email. Very pleased.

  144. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

  145. 176

    by Kevin Fidler (verified owner)

    I haven’t received the product yet. Normally I wouldn’t mind but the advertisement states “instant delivery” (via email), it’s been 24 hours.

  146. 176

    by William W. (verified owner)

    Great service, product works as advertised.

  147. 176

    by Alojzy M. (verified owner)

  148. 176

    by Michal (verified owner)

  149. 176

    by B L. (verified owner)

    Happy with the purchase. It works as described and installation is easy and straightforward. Will buy again in future.

  150. 176

    by gary bourke (verified owner)


  151. 176

    by alexis sosa (verified owner)

    working perfect

  152. 176

    by Olivier (verified owner)

  153. 176

    by alexis sosa (verified owner)


  154. 176

    by alexis sosa (verified owner)


  155. 176

    by Bernard Moreau (verified owner)


  156. 176

    by sunho k. (verified owner)

    super fast I’m very satisfied.

  157. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

  158. 176

    by alexis sosa (verified owner)

    works perfect

  159. 176

    by bryan jovel (verified owner)


  160. 176

    by alexis sosa (verified owner)

    working perfect you are the best

  161. 176

    by Joseph (verified owner)

    Amazing company! They are the only place I buy my software. Discounted prices, updated product availability, and most of all AMAZING SERVICE! If your product doesn’t activate for any reason, they will make sure it does!

  162. 176

    by alex (verified owner)

    Product does not install as it stalls consistently (brand new gaming/workstation). Contacted admin several times with little to no response or help.

  163. 176

    by Rosario D. (verified owner)

    A very good price

  164. 176

    by Dat vo (verified owner)

  165. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    PERFECT! Really cheap price, get the key immediately, download the software from the official website, enter the key and that’s it! Simple, easy, reliable, thank you very much dear friend!

  166. 176

    by Harut (verified owner)

    SUPER! Fast shipping & functionally Key. THANK YOU

  167. 176

    by Francesco (verified owner)


  168. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

  169. 176

    by flavusmons (verified owner)

    Great site. One-minute delivery.

  170. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

  171. 176

    by Anonymous (verified owner)

    Support this site and buy product key. The procedure is easy and very good ! I recommend to buy!

    • by dynalcom

      Thank you sir

  172. 176

    by Louis (verified owner)

  173. 176

    by mohamed mahmoud (verified owner)


  174. 176

    by mohamed (verified owner)


  175. 176

    by Scott White (verified owner)

    Good Job, thanks for your service and prompt attention

    • by dynalcom

      You welcome sir

  176. 176

    by Joseph (verified owner)

    Great deals and instant delivery. Unbelievably convenient for PC builders.

    • by dynalcom

      Thank you sir

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Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 Product Activation Key

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 Product Key For 1 PC, Lifetime Activation

$25.99$329.00 (-92%)

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